Breathable Orthopaedic Bunion Corrector Sneakers for Women

Color: Black
US Shoe Size: 5.5
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These Women's Super Soft Breathable Orthopaedic Sneakers are the hottest new look this year for women and are also specifically designed in order to reliev bunion pain and improve the overall health of your feet.

Not only are these sneakers super stylish and comfortable, they are incredibly effective in relieving pain in your feet and they help to gradually realign your toes into their original and intended position.  



REDUCED PAIN Helps to reduce pain over time that stem from bunions and plantar fasciitis

POSTURE CORRECTOR - Wearing these bunion corrector sneakers will help to improve your posture, realign your toes and enhance the overall mobility throughout your body

BUNION FIXING - Helps to straighten your toes without the need for surgery and it also prevents you from getting bow legged 

SLIP RESISTANCE - The soles of the sneakers are super tough and are 100% slip resistant so you can pretty much go anywhere with these on with no worries

VERSATILE - These sneakers can be used for virtually any activity, from casual wear to dance or most types of sports!


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