Orthopedic Women's Suede Winter Boots with Wool Lining

Color: Black
Shoe Size: 5
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These Orthopedic Women's Winter Boots with Wool Lining will keep your feet nice and warm this winter whilst also keeping you stylish! It is made from suede and is 100% water-resistant and slip resistant and comes with a super soft wool lining to keep your feet warm and comfortable at all times. 

Not only do these women's suede winter boots look super fashionable and keep your feet warm and comfortable, but they were also specifically designed by orthopedics as they help to improve your posture and correct bunions.



FASHIONABLE: These women's suede winter boots are very fashionable and will complete just about any outfit

ORTHOPEDIC: They help to promote good posture, provide arch support and correct bunions

WARM & COMFORTABLE: Thanks to the wool lining your feet will be warm at all times and the rubber sole is also extremely comfortable

HEELS: Comes with a heel that measures at around 2.36", and a platform that measures at 0.59" 

WATER RESISTANT: They are 100% water resistant and slip resistant 

VERSATILE: Suitable for any occasion - wear them to work, to go shopping, to walk the dog, to go hiking etc 



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